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Tobias ’Abyz’ Förster is a muralist, mixed media illustrator & painter based in Germany.

With an affinity for drawing and painting since his early childhood, Abyz grew up influenced by the Hip Hop culture of the 1990s, bringing with it a sense of belonging. This led him to his personal discovery of urban art, in which he found a creative outlet on the spot. Graffiti, with it’s parallels to calligraphy and typographical nature, enjoys a high priority for Abyz to this day. On his path of being a Graffiti writer for over twenty years now, Abyz also pursued his vision into a career as a self-taught artist by more traditional means. Progressing in the fields of illustration and painting and combining his different passions in the arts, Abyz is working on coming full circle, shaping visuals by any means necessary. Read more…

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Making use of the temperate weather! First pictoral work on the wall for this year - The skull-king and the goose.
Happy new year to you and yours! First January weekend with bareable temperatures, painting along side the local homies was a done deal.


Quick last piece in 2022 with the help of some scrap cans for the color scheme. Getting rid of the leftovers, making space for the new!

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